How Coronavirus Changes Iran and the World

Scholars believe the coronavirus may lead to permanent changes in political and economic power structure and even the cultural interactions in the world at different levels. 

Hossein Zafari



ParsiPolicy -   Many scholars believe the coronavirus -that destroyed lives, disrupted economic interactions, and put the performance of the world superpowers under global observance- may lead to permanent changes in political and economic power structure and even the cultural interactions in the world at different levels. As we are receiving some of its signals, let’s have a look at the major changes and differences appearing in the new world especially in the economic field.



Governments to Get Stronger

The world was moving toward weaker governments but this pandemic put people and particularly the patients more in need of government protection. Thus the governments’ role is to be emphasized and governmental organizations are to get more powerful as a result of the pandemic.


If the current situation continues, the world will most probably tend toward China rather than the US. And the strategy of looking to the East is to gain momentum, unless Washington makes fundamental changes in its current “self-centered strategies”.


A Sad Goodbye to Globalization?

Although the coronavirus revealed how the safety and security of countries are interdependent, as countries around the world undergo lockdown, the idea of global economy and advantageous economic interactions among countries is brought into question. The COVID-19 makes governments, societies, and companies prefer less profit and more stability and increase their own internal capacity to confront long periods of economic isolation. Therefore the idea of a “resistant economy”, which is based on countries’ local capacities and advocates economic independence, is strengthened more than before.


Virtual interactions, particularly internet-based businesses, will increase and new job opportunities will be created in the virtual world. The online business in developing countries will also advance and improve more than before.


Although the countries that are economically and politically weak are going to get weaker, countries with big economies are to face more loss, and thus the gap between the weak and powerful countries will be reduced. It seems that the EU suffers the biggest part of the loss in this crisis.


What happens to Iran

Considering our own country, there are two points that need to be mentioned.

First, the government’s general activities will move towards involving the people more than before, strengthening their role in helping the government. Same is now witnessed in confronting and containing the coronavirus in which different groups of people including Basij and other similar groups are helping and serving the country to a great extent.

Second, Iran will suffer from the negative economic consequences of the pandemic just like all other countries. But as we have been implementing policies of Resistance Economy, our country will move towards “an independent resistant economy” sooner and thus will be able to reconstruct its economy faster than most of other countries.